Monday, 13 October 2014

E-maraba (you are welcome) from the new ABC team!!

Example of Dagbani language with translation into English, presented by Esther and Rosie.

The first week volunteering in Tamale, Ghana, for International Service has flown by!  It was spent in training covering topics such as our code of conduct, health and safety and insurance.  During our training, we participated in short sessions like cultural exchange. Topics such as religion, education and dress were discussed in small groups and presented back to the wider group through performance and demonstration.

One activity saw us having to go to the market in groups of UK Volunteers and National Volunteers. It was a real eye opener to our new home. Having to buy stuff from the market with a specific amount of money made us all excited and thrilled. Wow! We wouldn’t mind revisiting the market game again and again. This gave us the opportunity to practise our skills in Dagbani and also bargaining with the locals.

Creating Change, our project partner who we will be working alongside focus on rural education especially of the girl child, literacy clubs, sensitization of the rural folks on essential topics and provision of water. ABC (our team) is here again to support Creating Change in achieving its objectives.

Meet the new team….

Top Row, Left To Right :     Tabby, Nurideen, Holly, Lyndsay, Samata, Quaye, Jess, Rosie, Hamdia,                                               Fusca, Barnabas.
Bottom Row, Left to Right : Aziz, Esther, Mahama, Kris

ABC! More Action, Less Talk!

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