Friday, 17 October 2014

From planning to practical....ABC are progressing!!

Wow! It feels so great to move away from planning and get started with real work. The ABC team was divided into groups this week according to the various interests of members. These were:
1.)      Administrative/ database/ technical support within the office
2.)      Supporting teachers and interns with delivery of literacy sessions within rural schools
3.)      Social media support 
4.)      Delivery of community sensitisations on sexual health, personal hygiene and water management


I     On the first day the team had a very productive meeting with the director of Creating Change in which we heard their vision of exactly how we can assist them, and we were also able to share our views and passions with them. This helped us to achieve an overall plan on how we are going to work together to achieve our desired results and expectations, ensuring we are always working to increase the autonomy and sustainability of the organisation.

We had the greatest joy of all when we were able to speak with some of the girls Creating Change has supported as they were very glad to share with us the various kinds of support they have gained from the organization including sponsorship and training. Their confidence was testament to the way that education from a young age can prepare girls for the world of work and allow them to break the cycle of poverty which would otherwise have limited their options in terms of career and domestic life.


It was so beautiful to also go into the three schools that we will be working alongside - a lot of observations were made and we’re formulating plans to support and motivate both the teachers and pupils.



All work and no play makes ABC a dull team! On Wednesday afternoon we took a break from work and went to the Tamale Sports Stadium to enjoy the football match between Ghana and Guinea, ending in a 3-1 win for Ghana with a thrilling goal in the last minute! It was great to have fun together as a team.

Onwards and upwards!

Dindina Dindahinshelli! (Until next time!)

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