Friday, 24 October 2014

The Road So Far....

Changing Lives Changing Worlds

It is so rewarding to work towards common goals,
Teamwork and positive attitudes are key to our roles.

We are working to empower young women of a diverse age range,
Promoting education in communities and Creating Change!

Written by Tabby      

Working in Tamale, Ghana

Our experience working in Tamale has been incredible but not easy and we have learnt so much in the past four weeks. We have introduced each other to new and different approaches to project work which has been an incredibly valuable and enriching process.

This week we have continued to plan and refine our research to support the Creating Change Interns and staff in the schools, communities and office. We have conducted field research in rural communities meeting with Chiefs, community leaders and head teachers in order to carry out our needs assessments. We have written reports detailing our findings and researched communication networks. We have formed positive working relations with teachers and the Creating Change staff and interns.  One of our main aims is to form measures of support for Creating Change that are practical and sustainable.

This week we have created an ICT manual on how to use Microsoft Word, Access, PowerPoint, and Excel to be used by the interns and staff, school teachers and students. We have also started putting together a resource pack of creative teacher learning materials for the interns to use in their after school literacy lessons.

The whole ABC team are very passionate about wanting to make positive changes. In the time we have been working together in and around Tamale we have come to understand that long term change does not happen overnight. We have sometimes needed to remind ourselves that we all part of a much bigger picture and successes may come in all shapes and sizes! Our team leader Kris has encouraged and guided us through this week of challenges by listening and being open to our ideas and we feel more and more confident in our abilities each week going ahead and making progress with our project.

I Am Changed

A great day for change
Question is
Do I change myself or do I change those around me?
Beats me…
I have a life of change
Happy thought and cheerful smiles
I live a life t share
A life to be proud of
Because I am change
I am changed
Change manifested in the way I talk, the way I walk
The way I view the world and interact with you
I live a life of change
Question is
Do I leave prints?
Do I just live?
Today I am change
Today I create change

Written by Quaye

Living in Tamale
Tamale is like any other city, very busy, loud with great spots to hang out and eat. However, one very crucial difference is that the people in Tamale are not too busy to talk to you, people smile and greet you everywhere. 

Food has been a huge part of our lives here. It is so humbling to be invited to eat and share so many meals together and our favourites are yam chips and beans, wagashi (fried cheese), groundnut soup (peanut soup), vegetable egg fried indomie (noodles), boffluts (fried dougnuts), egg and bread, many vegetable and meat stews, fufu and banku (pounded and boiled yam and cassava).

There is colour and patterns all around, in the markets and on fabrics. Tamale is a city full of culture and it has been a pleasure living and working here. The rainy season is coming to an end and it has started getting hotter. We will all miss the rain, even UK volunteers!! In one word Tamale is AMAZING!!!

Water Is Life

As the grey curtains begin to draw
A sharp gust
Coals ember and turn to smoke

People zig-zag and dart
The next more urgently than the one before
A well-rehearsed dance with an impatient partner
Each step building to crescendo

It cuts through engine chugs and beats down on the dust
A bellowing signal
Spaces filled with the drench

Under cover one can but wait
A new beginning
Replenished strength rises up in the haze
We take back our positions and survey our surroundings

These times will soon be longed for
Thirsty in the dry
Value is in every living cell
Voices echo in the growth
“Water is life”.

Written by Tabby

Photos this week

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