Friday, 31 October 2014

Weekly update from ABC....

We arrived at a rural school on Thursday last week to find all the pupils present but an absence of  teachers. After following this up, we were informed that 12 public sector worker associations have announced an indefinite strike action relating to concerns of tier two pensions. 


In some rural schools, parents and communities have raised funds to support teachers to continue education with the junior high schools during the strike as they feel passionate and understand the importance of education. This gives us faith so we have decided to concentrate on sensitisation in the communities to keep that encouragement up.

Local community

The topics we have choosen for our sensitisations are the importance of Education and also Hygiene/Water management whereby we hope to encourage, support and keep rural communities aware that these are still very important subjects.

Reviewing water tank.

We have now planning our sensitisations and have had plenty of meetings with the communities, PTA (parent teacher association) and chiefs. We hope the strike will be sorted shortly to get the children back into school but our work in the communities is being set in place very efficiently. We have all been very creative and have written up a drama which will be performed by interns at Creating Change and we look forward to setting dates and getting the sensitisation in progress.

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