Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Always know your baseline....

This week we have been busy concentrating on sensitisations whereby we have been completing tasks such as making phone calls to arrange equipment that is needed on event days, script writing, organisation of event day and role rehearsals. We have also begun teaching interns from the Creating Change office dramas that will be performed on the event days.

Just to fill you in, we will be conducting three sensitisations in three different communities, Tichelli, Tawfikia and Tuasunnia. They will be focusing on the subjects of education and hygiene alongside water management.

We have visited the villages once this week, which involved asking assessment questions on education, hygiene and water management. This was effective and informative because we were able to base the sensitisation on the knowledge that the community provided. A good baseline leads to a more effective event!!

Alongside the one day in the communities, we have been in office based due to the strikes which are still in progress, so we have been working hard preparing for the sensitisations that begin on Wednesday the 19th November. The time is flying by....

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