Saturday, 15 November 2014

The importance of planning awareness on education, water management and personal hygiene for everyone!!

The ABC team is in their last week of planning the sensitisation in three communities which Creating Change (our project partner) works with, the communities are Tawfikiya, Ticheli, Tuasunnia. The team were able to meet the chiefs in the various communities for the confirmation of specific days for the sensitisation with which the chiefs in the various communities set in the days respectfully.

The days decided will be the 19th November at Tawfikiya as the first community for the sensitisation, follow by Ticheli on the 21st November and the last community being Tuasunnia on the 22nd November. 

Before meeting the chiefs cola-nuts were given to the them to show respect and after meetings, the chiefs also offered us cola-nuts as tradition and culture are fully being embraced but also they are factors that we are very careful to take into account so as not to offend anyone.

A collection of photos showing the preparation for the sensitisation events, in the office and out in the field.

A budget and timetable plan for the sensitisation events is out as the yardstick to the spending level. The time table will help guide us through and avoid confusion. So far everything is moving smoothly without difficulties, no misunderstandings, and a competitive leader, she cares a lot of what we are doing.               

Organization is done well to convey the items to the communities, which are the chairs, canopies, the sound system the refreshment and water. These are the things that would help boost the energy level of the audience attending the sensitisation events. Every member in the ABC team is actively involve, working to make the sensitisation productive, effective and successful. 

By Aziz and Mahama

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