Monday, 9 February 2015

Diversity and working together as a team

It is the beginning of a new week at Creating Change and this week we have seen a big change. After a long day melting Harmattan heat, moving furniture, files and computers we arrived at our new office which is much more comfortable and spacious, morale is high! After a lot of hard work from the Creating Change and International Service Team our new home is now set up which makes us all psyched and poised for action for the rest of our time on the project.

This week hasn't been all about our new office and home, because we've had quite an intense and exciting discussion on cultural differences between the UK and Ghana. Each of the volunteers from both countries chose 5 words which they thought best described their country.


"Words describing UK & Ghanaian culture"

This was a very good insight into how our two countries differ and made us realise that although we are the same, being humans, our belief systems and ideas on life sometimes contrast. Coming from the perspective of the UK volunteers we learnt how important religion is to everyone in Ghana and it is very rare that you come across a person who doesn't have a belief. Whereas in the UK although it is very multi-cultural and there are many different people who practice many different religions, it is not uncommon to come across many people without a religion, we have found that the Ghanaian people are very shocked to find out that certain people do not have any religious beliefs.

Coming from the Ghanaian volunteers point of view it was very interesting to find out that people in the UK are more liberal. A whole lot of things are allowed and accepted in the UK for instance the issue of homosexuality and people who are transgender, which here in Ghana are things that would not be accepted and are against the law. The family system in Ghana is very strict on issues concerning their children, in some instances education, career, marriage etc are decided by family and not individuals which is very different in the UK.

"Diversity is about all of us, and about us having to figure out how to walk through this world together"     

Jacqueline Woodson

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