Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Let's Create Change in Yepala

A group of students seated after they helped us to put the place
in order for the sensitisation
As part of our efforts to support Create Change's quest to promote change and development through education we have identified sensitisations as one of the best tools to change attitudes and perceptions in an interactive and fun way. Since “a journey of thousand miles begins with the first step”, we set off for Yepala early Friday morning from Tamale. 

At our arrival we were met by the ever capable Create Change Staff, Interns and some really helpful community members; primarily children of the Yepala community who helped us set up the canopy and seats for the sensitisation.
Dancing the Tora to before the sensitisation

By 9:00 am after being in the community for 2 hours our sensitisation started. It was ushered in with lively drumming and dancing; a dance known as Tora was done, by some female members of the community with some volunteers and interns taking part in the dancing. 

The programme was in turns educational, entertaining, interactive, fun and heated. Speeches were given by a Create Change staff, the school head teacher and an in country volunteer just to emphasize the “Importance of Education and Parent’s contribution towards their wards education”, a beneficiary of Create Change’s Rural Schools Sponsorship scheme took the stage to give her life story which was so touching in fact she nearly dragged some of us to tears. 

Some mothers seated with the kids during the Sensitisation

During the question and answer session there was honest discussion between the men and women of the community which was evidence that they had listened and followed us during our submissions to the community, especially through the beautiful drama performed by the Create Change interns and some in country volunteers on our team.

A parent making a contribution during the sensitisation

As we work for change and development through education our aim is to touch the hearts and minds of the people we meet in the communities. We have started to prepare for the next sensitization we will be carrying out in subsequent weeks. Some carry out activities without planning and some plan but do not carry out their activity as for the ABC team, we plan and we carryout our plans to the end

Look forward to seeing what happens next in our team by reading our blogs every week. 

The Team of ICS Volunteers and Create Change Interns

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