Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Creating Change In Tamale!

We are still very much learning how to settle into the hot bustling town which is Tamale, but that has in no way stopped us from working towards our quest of Creating Change!!
We shall shout and tell the world; We Are Here! We are the latest addition to the Create Change family in Ghana.

Meet Najeeb a 25 year old from Tamale
I am excited to be part of this team and contribute my quota during these short 10 weeks together with my Create Change family. I have so far learned how fun it is to be part of a team. Go Team!

Sophie a 19 year old from Liverpool

The heat is as constant and as much to be expected as the rains are back at home. It is taking quite a while to get used to but I have found that even the people here are as affected by it as I am. We may all complain, but daily we are energized by the good work we can support Create Change to do here in Tamale.

 Rauf  a 23 year old from Tema

Create Change presents me with this great initiative to reach out and support the deprived in the educational sector. I am so proud to be part of this important journey.

Caroline a 23 year old from Northern Ireland
I have recently graduated with my Masters in Communications and I am loving the work that Create Change is doing!! My new favourite thing to do here is have bucket showers, best thing since sliced bread! I am excited for what the next two months will bring and how it will allow me to see the world in a different perspective :)
Alimatu a 22 year old from Tamale
As an impressive young lady still in studying in the University, the exposure and opportunity this programme is giving me is really just a dream come true. Everyday I wake up and prepare to make my way in to work I am pleased to be part of this team working to Create Change!                 

Merlin an 18 year old from the South of England.
I have always wanted to travel and learn about new cultures as they have a lot they can teach us in the UK. I am managing to accomplish this through ICS while volunteering with International Service in Ghana, being able to make a difference into a country that needs it. I have a lot of respect for the Create Change team and what they stand for 'Empowering Women through Education', giving them a big step up into the bright World of tomorrow.                        
We want to inform you all that we have arrived! We are pumped up and ready we have hit the ground running! We have our Team plan ready and are absolutely geared to give off nothing but our complete Best.

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