Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Perceptions,Education, Parents and Everything In Between

Students from Twafikiya E/A Primary School
Questioning or Posing?
As we went about our Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) exercise in 3 communities, a few things caught our attention; out of the children we interviewed, majority of them could hardly express their thoughts and ideas in English, even the ones who could do that had great difficulty. The question which immediately dawned was, “How do these teachers go about teaching these kids when most of them can’t express their views through the English medium?” For this reason, I realized the need for more efforts to be put into promoting Creative Learning and Teaching Skills in the Literacy Clubs being run by Create Change. 

Naturally, one cannot change the world in a twinkle of an eye but then again every journey begins with a step. We believe that if educators are made to embrace the art of Creative Teaching bearing in mind the needs of the different types of learners, development of these kids will be worthwhile and the change we seek will come someday.

Another thing which caught our attention also was how the majority of the parents do not see the outcome of mass education in their lives. I think some definitely see the short term effects but as it is expensive and difficult to source they seem to have become blinded from seeing the long term effect that education is creating. A boy we spoke to openly called it “ignorance” staring his non-educated, non-English speaking mother in the eyes, this really depicted the controversy of the subject in households.
 Mr. Abdul Razark, proudly showing us evidence of his
 presence at the Sensitisation which we are Monitoring

The desire of these parents is to see their wards go higher on the “academic ladder” someday could be felt when speaking with them, but the problem of financial inability cut across almost every household halting their ability to make their desire a reality. One parent vividly told me since he was now unemployed and  can hardly pay school fees or provide basic educational support for his kid he therefore has withdrawn his son from school, so as to assist him on his maize farm because that was his only source of livelihood. How sad!
A little down time in the Classroom ABC style

Yakubu Lukman, who shared with us his thoughts on
 how crippling a lack of education is.

The financial burden of paying for their wards education maybe will set them back financially a few steps within this generation but it’s their children and grandchildren who will start to see the change it will create. That is why Create Change’s efforts to continue to sensitize the masses on the “Importance of Education” will in time, create change. To create this change we support Create Change enhance its ability to reach these rural communities with the right messages so the people shall be empowered into inevitably building their communities.

Volunteers hard at work Monitoring 

Without personal contact with some of these communities one may not understand or feel the plight of the people. If more organizations and individuals will come together and lend a hand; however they know best, these problems could gradually be improved as they say, “Little Drops of Water Makes a Mighty Ocean”

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