Monday, 11 May 2015

Funding, Change and Lives....What a Mix!

"Create Change- the work they are doing is perfect. They are really creating change in the lives of young girls" –  (intern within Create Change)
Interns assisting ABC Team in a Community
Sumaya, a Literacy Club Intern
Create Change is allowing young girls to achieve educational goals and giving them access to a life and future they may not experience other wise. Whilst speaking with the seven interns stationed within in the Create Change office; it was really inspiring to hear their stories, thoughts and perceptions concerning Create Change. 

Martha, a Literacy Club Intern

These young interns along with hundreds of other girls and some boys have been sponsored to reach a point in their education they other wise thought they shall never reach. To promote Girl-Child Education; especially in the rural communities, Create Change takes it upon itself to sponsor needy girls throughout their senior high school and later help with their tertiary education. 

Kate, a Literacy Club Intern

Each of these young girls has a dream career in mind, they each have a Big Dream to aspire to. One intern stated ‘Create Change is a Home for you to learn without worrying about the financial aspect’. 

Jelila, a Girls Club Intern

All seven (7) interns have graduated from senior high school and are in the process of applying to tertiary institutions.
In the gap period whilst they await admissions from tertiary institutions Create Change has engaged them as interns to assist them on the projects and in the office so they gain more experience in regards to future job interests and roles.

Jennifer, a Literacy Club Intern
Currently there are three (3) intern roles available to the interns at Create Change these roles are; Literacy Club Interns (which has 4 Girls), Girls Club Interns (which has 2 Girls) and Database Intern (which has 1 Girl). 
Hamida, Database Intern

The girls running the Literacy Clubs and those running the Girls Clubs daily routine within the office is quite similar, they spend their mornings planning lessons or sessions for their Literacy Clubs or Girls Clubs respectively, which they run in the afternoons after their lunch hour. The Database intern is in charge of recording and tracking the database of all girls being sponsored by Create Change as well as girls who have applied for sponsorship from Create Change.

Gloria, a Literacy Club Intern
With our firsthand exposure to that which is being done to create change in the lives of individuals; such as the interns and Ghana's education sector by Create Change we can't help but acknowledge how essential funding is. 

As funding and support trickles in from kind hearts into Create Change, Lives are being touched generating a resounding echo of Dreams becoming Realizations, in a manner such that Change is Loved and craved for. 

Work and Happiness, Interns as they go to a Literacy Club

As one intern succinctly stated if funding were to stop, it would be very difficult for myself to continue in education’.  

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