Friday, 3 July 2015

Amaraba!!! Change Team


Abdulai Mohammed Hardi (Team Leader)
Hi Colleague Loyalists, I am the Team Leader of the ABC Create Change Project for this Cohort 13
You are most welcome to the Greatest ABC family Cohort 13. For the next 10 weeks, join us to challenge ourselves to change the world for the betterment of the vulnerable in our society.
We are a team of enthusiastic youth with the zeal and courage to work. We have believe that the change we need in our society and the world at large can only come from our own efforts.
We take the painstaking responsibility to educate our rural folks on the importance of education to community development through sensitization and action research. 
We are the Pace-setters, We are Create Change, We are ABC,
I offer you the opportunity to meet my youthful team:
I am an ICV ready give off my best in this journey of live changing journey. As a Chartered/Qualified accountant-in-the-making, I love working with numbers.
I maximize happiness from realizing that other people are happy and better off because of my effort and support.
Born and groomed in a relative larger family, I am an excellent team player and a unique individual worker with passion for any activity I’m engaged in.
I adore optimists, but I’m myself a realist. I am Mutala Yahaya affectionately called MY

Mohammed Kailan
Hi, I am Mohammed Kailan, but you can call me Kai. I am an In-country Volunteer. It’s time to change the perceptions, let’s educate our children now especially the girls.
I’m all out! What about you?

My name is Jonny and I am from Southport, near Liverpool in England. I have a degree in European Politics and International Relations from Cardiff University and in September I will start a Master’s degree in Humanitarianism and Conflict Response at Manchester University. My aim is to become a professional humanitarian aid worker so that I can help people all over the world. My hobbies include Scouting, strength and fitness training and Jiu Jitsu. I am very excited to take on the challenge of working for ABC Create Change and I hope that my team can achieve a lasting impact on such an inspiring organization. 

Travelling across the regions of Ghana, my findings were that illiteracy; lack of financial support still inhabits the development of rural communities. Since then I have birthed the vision, to volunteer, advocate and participate any sustainable project that will help bridge the gap between urban and rural communities.
I therefore joined ICS Volunteer Team and what about you and you?
Remember; join the ABC Create Change [Education Campaign] family to help every school going girl or boy to be in school. 

I’m Liss and I’m a UK volunteer. I am excited to be working with Create Change because I believe education is something everybody should have access to, regardless of their background or gender. I admire the fantastic things Create Change is achieving for girls and young women with their work, and I look forward to being part of it.

Hello, I'm Hannah and one of the volunteers for ABC Create Change! Really excited to begin this adventure of helping teach the importance of schooling and education amongst the rural villages and schools of Tamale Metro. Working within the communities is something I look forward to most, and with my background of photography hopefully I'll be able to capture these intimate, special moments we will soon be sharing! We have begun the first steps in our journey but still have a long way to go to reach our end goal; I can't wait to see what our team can achieve.

So you heard them, join us now for the change we all wish to see!!!!!!!!!

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