Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Kailan's Take on Week 5

Our fifth week has been quite busy, with Jonny and Mutala still busy with the resource pack and filling of Mid-Term report form .
It was agreed that we would turn the football net project into a volleyball net project, and that it would be donated to the Taha school where we carried out our research in preparation for the sensitisation. We also agreed on donating the net with volleyball to be purchased using volunteers’ personal contributions.
On Thursday (16/07/15), a visit was paid again to the community by Liss, Kailan and Hardi to inform the school and community about our sensitisation the following Tuesday (21/07/15). It was fun, but also a little bit tiresome roaming around the community. However, we also had conversations with children and teachers, and they were very happy about our volleyball net project.
Work is continuing on the resource pack and the net, since the school will need the net before vacation.
I think we are making progress so far and we will keep the work up until we get every girl child educated.
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