Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Radio and Community Visits

This week we began baseline data collection in 3 rural communities near Tamale: Dungu, Damankungyili and Wayamba. We wanted to ask teachers, parents and children, both in and out of school, questions in order to gain an insight into their views on the importance of education, the quality of the education that is in the community, challenges they face when trying to gain quality education and information about school attendance of individuals. We intend to analyse this data to determine a starting point within these communities to use to decide what help they need.

On Tuesday morning, while the rest of team went to Dungu, myself, Mohammed and Jemila, a Create Change intern, went to Might FM in Savelugu to do awareness raising about Create Change, International Service and the importance of Girls' Education. I was really nervous at first because we were talking for an hour and hadn't had long to prepare. In the end I felt it was really successful and we were able to explain why girl child education is equally as important as boys' education and hopefully it encouraged someone listening to take girls' education more seriously and understand that their daughters deserve equality of education.

After the radio broadcast Mohammed and I joined the rest of team ABC in Dungu. I was delivering questionnaires to children in school. There were some challenges in getting the most accurate data possible. Some of the children were struggling to understand my accent so others who had already completed the questionnaires were trying to help me explain the questions, but they were also whispering answers to each other. So I found, for example, that when I asked if their siblings went to school, they would tell me the time that they go to school instead which was very frustrating. In the end, I asked the children come out of the classroom one at a time to answer the questions, but that didn't seem to stop crowds of curious children forming to look at what I was doing.

Before we left, we split into groups and showed the classes how to make volleyball nets out of pure water sachets. The children seemed very engaged and were given a chance to try and add to the net themselves. This allows the children to be more self-reliant and hopefully they can teach future classes how to make nets for themselves. They can use the same technique to make football nets which will improve the resources that the school can use, and in searching for empty pure water sachets to add to the nets we hope they will clean up the community a little in the process. We left them with scissors and some empty sachets to continue to make the net themselves. Hopefully they will be finished before we complete our placement and we will help them to make a volleyball court and will play a match with them. 

Kathryn Bell

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  1. Great work from abc trying to help achieve universal primary education