Thursday, 5 November 2015

Analysing data

Week 6 blog

This week we have been putting in the data that we collected from the other week. All of the data went onto excel as it was the easiest to use, as we needed to put extra information on because some of the answers where more than just yes and no. Also we needed to analyse the data, so by putting it onto excel it made it easier to put the data that we found into graphs. Which when we put all of our graphs together will be able to see the patterns of each community more clearly. To make the analysing more easy, we split up into groups and did different communities. Then some of the categories took a longer time as there were more questions or where we needed to talk to more children or parents.

The deadline for the analysis was Friday, but we had a call from Wayamba that they wanted to have their training that day. So on the Thursday we had a group meeting about whether we were ready or not. In the end we decided that we could go, so we quickly made some questions by looking at the data, to see if we could ask if there are any problems or what were the barriers of getting older girls to stay in school. When we arrived at the school the children were bringing out chairs to that we could sit and talk to the teachers, PTA and the SMC. We split them into groups so that each group would be more honest with their answers.

In the group I was in (PTA) they would pray at the being and again after we had finished. Then we got into groups and asked them the questions. Some of the answers that we got we were expecting like yes the number of girls decreases as they get older but some of the answers we were not like how many books need, which is about 15-20 as they need 3 books for each subject and it doesn't include text books.


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