Monday, 16 May 2016

Are you up for the challenge?

It’s been an eventful few weeks settling into life in Tamale and both the British and Ghanaian volunteers are still getting used to the way of life here. Walking around the bustling market in the center of town, navigating our way around the different areas and using the infamous line taxis, spending an afternoon (weekend) sitting in a café playing cards and drinking tamarind flavour juice (although none of us were entirely sure at the time exactly what a tamarind was), spending time with and getting to know our host families better, to sitting on a roof terrace watching the sun set with hundreds of bats flying overhead; each day brings a new adventure. It’s not all play though as we’re now halfway through our third week on placement and achieving our goals spelt out in the Team Plan are well underway.
Volunteers Having Training Session with the Interns on Reports Writing
Last week we ran our first training session with Create Change Interns(week three). We did a presentation on how to write reports and business proposals with more sessions planned during our 12 week placement. We hope that in the future they will be able to use this training to go on to benefit the charity by producing professional reports and business proposals on their behalf.
A number of radio stations also got visits from Emily, Francis, Ed and Jennifer as we endeavoured to get some airtime to increase awareness on the importance of young girls staying in school. We hope to hear from them soon so that we can get to work on the task of being part of a live radio broadcast within Tamale and beyond.
We also had a group reflection on Social Injustice and Equity, primarily concentrating on poverty in developed and developing countries. The team brainstormed on some of the causes of poverty, which included but were not limited to lack of income, poor economy, family breakdown and homelessness. We discussed how it was important to think outside the box as to how we as volunteers could contribute to reducing poverty in our respective countries.
As a team building exercise on Friday 22nd of April, 2016 the teams in Tamale had a group sports day with Create Change ABC, RAINS, WOSAG and Resource Centre volunteers all taking part. Our team leader Frederick almost scored a goal but the star of our team was Evans who managed to score two goals in the football match. Jen and Gifty also competed in that traditional British game of an “egg and spoon” race however the eggs were substituted with more exotic limes and Ed competed in the sack race. This provided the opportunity for people to exercise their bodies and also to meet with peers in the other teams.
Although we did get some very sad news as we learnt that our team member Danny would be leaving us to return to the UK. We will miss him a lot and from everyone here and on behalf of the rest of the volunteers, we wish him all the best!
This week we have lots to keep us busy; we are preparing lesson plans for the Kids Club sessions that we will be running in Kpunduli and the Literacy Club sessions that we will be running in Yepala, Ticheli and Kpunduli. We are also preparing questionnaires for our impact assessment for the Kpunduli Borehole which was installed near the school in Kpunduli so that girls didn’t have to travel far to get water and could attend school; the idea being that if there was water near the school, it was one less reason for them not to attend school. Ultimately we want to find out how much this has helped to keep girls in school. We are also formulating a plan in association with the interns to see if we can run large group sessions about sexual health and hygiene for Senior High Schools students in the area whilst ensuring maximum attendance. Until next week - stay safe, work hard and have fun!
By: Evans and Emily

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