Thursday, 9 June 2016


I was quite nervous coming on placement for the first time and not sure where I would be placed and what I would be doing as this may happen to anyone else on placement. It all started like a dream when we came on placement, then in week four (4) we were privileged to be given free airtime at North Star FM to talk about the importance of girl child education, International Service and the achievements and challenges of Create Change Ghana. Some of us were quite tensed and nervous going on radio for the first time and delivering this talk entirely in the local dialect (Dagbani).
The team was represented by Frederick (team leader), Francis, Jennifer and Jelila, an Intern of Create Change Ghana. The team delivered a forty (40) minute talk on the importance of girl child education, the need to educate and empower the girl child, the opportunities that can be accrued and bridging the gap between male and female retention in school. The team nailed it with so much information which got the general public attention with most people calling in to ask questions and others offered us suggestions.

During week four also, we had a two hour training session on report and proposal writing for the Interns of Create Change, this training was delivered by Ed and Evans on how to write a proper /professional reports and proposals for Create Change. The brain behind this training was to develop the capacity of the Interns in writing better reports for the organization and to also improve upon themselves.
This was followed by a second training session on developing or creating table of content for their reports because we noticed the reports and proposals that had been written by the Interns had no table of content and that does not meet professional standards. The feedback from the Interns on the training was very satisfactory and that has re-energized us to run a final session for them.

On week five (5) we started our sexual health training sessions at the various Senior High Schools for girls that Create Change is sponsoring. These sessions were fully run by the Interns since they were trained on delivering such sessions by Regional Advisory Information Network System (RAINS), a charity organization working in Tamale. The first point of call was at Islamic Senior High School and subsequently at Ghana Senior High School.
The sessions went well although there were some challenges with the presentations but the team took time to deliver two of the sessions for the Interns to observe.  The purpose of this training is to educate the young girls that Create Change is sponsoring at the Senior High School about their reproductive health, contraceptives, consent to sex and many more. Create Change is putting everlasting smiles on the faces of these sponsored girls by paying their school fees, giving them provisions (gari, sugar, milk etc.) and sanitary pads to help them feel comfortable at school so that they can learn in a conducive environment.

Right away on placement, we have been engaged in office work which made us very occupied, but within a twinkle of an eye we were midway through placement. We made our entry into the three communities we are working namely Kpunduli, Ticheli and Yepala.
We first landed in Kpunduli for our first literacy class and to our surprise the school pupils were already gathered in their numbers ready to learn. To borrow the words of Walt Disney “our greatest natural resource is the minds of our children” and this implies that whatever we impact in the minds of these pupils will go a long way to develop them. The story was not different at Ticheli and Yepala when upon arrival; the pupils were ready for the classes. ABC volunteers and Interns from Create Change prepared lesson notes before heading into the classrooms; these kids are very passionate about learning although they are marginalized due to the of lack adequate teaching and learning materials and other social amenities that will motivate qualified/trained teachers who accept postings there to give up their best.

I cannot drop my memories here without acknowledging the inauguration ceremony of a Two Unit Nursery Block at Kpunduli constructed by Create Change; the ceremony was awesome with women dancing as a sign of appreciation to Create Change for the kind gesture. We are championing the course of development through education and reducing the rate of poverty one person at a time and that is aimed at achieving the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. I end this piece with a word from Malala Yousafzai, that “one child, one teacher, one pen, one book can change the world".

Women Dancing as Sign of Appreciation after the Commissioning of a Two Unit Nursery Block at Kpunduli

By: Francis Baah-Wiri

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