Tuesday, 13 September 2016

The Journey So Far

The journey so far, in the battle for change

It feels like just yesterday that we were welcomed into our new office by the Create Change staff, interns and our team leaders (Dani and Latif). We kicked off the first week in the office with fun games and activities which helped us to get to know each other better and then after that the real work began. ICS has been the most amazing experience. Working with people from all different walks of life has been both rewarding and at times challenging, but only through persevering and challenging ourselves can we learn and grow.

My team is the best with everyone working effortlessly to achieve our set goals within the limited time given to us. We kicked off the project by visiting the chiefs and elders of the communities which our cohort will work with over the next three months. Our next success was securing airtime at two radio stations within our first few weeks. Although we were doubtful that we would secure free air time as we had been warned by the previous cohort that it was unlikely, we strove hard to secure some and were pleased to receive two free radio sessions! The target number of people we were planning to reach as part of awareness raising was 3,000, but low and behold we surpassed that target by reaching out to about 6,000 people during our radio sensitizations. In addition, we must not forget the many people we reached out to during our  educative, interactive  and entertaining community sensitizations in the communities of Ticheli, Yapala and Kpunduli.  

The purpose of these sensitizations were to educate parents on the importance of girl child education, create awareness of Create Change’s sponsorships and also to encourage girls to go to and stay in school.

During community sensitizations we focused on the importance of parental involvement in their wards education. These educative and interactive events gave us the opportunity to learn from the community members and vice versa; we learnt a lot from them through some of them sharing their experiences with us, given us the exposure to help others some of us had our presentation and organizational skills improved through putting it into practice. The total number of attendants from Ticheli, Kpunduli and Yapala was 178, 230 and 273 respectively giving a total number of 681 people we reached out to during our sensitizations.

Through this sensitization, and other activities organized by my team, we may not say we have made a huge impact but at least we made a little impact, if the next cohort comes to make another little impact, and little drops of water they say make a mighty ocean, in the next few years I believe that ICS in partnership with organizations will make a great impact, in communities, in Northern region and to the country as a whole.
Personally when I talk about change not only have I tried to create change in other people’s life but I have also created a change in mine as well, because the secret of learning is sharing. ICS has impacted greatly in my life personally: so I will say I haven’t passed not through ICS but rather, ICS has passed through me.

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