Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Hi-5 to week 5

As we approach our 5th week at Create Change finally things are falling into place. A busy eventful week and our most productive so far. This week was our first community sensitization, first radio sensitization, first community girls club and our first dance-off.

Community Sensitization in Taha
We had our first sensitization and it was a huge success! We estimated that 50 people would come to the sensitization but we had a turnout of over 200 people! Our sensitization topic was on parental involvement in children’s education. We displayed a play in the local dialect where Create Change’s lovely interns and some of the volunteers played different parts to show the importance of parent’s attitude towards relationships with boys, homework and interest in their child’s education. At the end of the sensitization the school kids joined us in a cultural extravaganza of dancing.

Radio Sensitization – North Star
Farida, Washiru, Sumaya and Latif were delighted to be invited to talk on North Star Radio about ICS and Create Change. They discussed what both organisations do, the success of Create Change so far and the future plans and hopes for the organisation. Farida the only UK volunteer to attend even told the radio station about her new found love for TZ and Okro (Ghanian dishes).  We hope the information and stories we discussed on the radio made the listeners aware of the work of Create Change and ICS and how support in the community is vital for development to take place.

Girls Club – Yapala
Community girls club is an after school club that Create Change runs to teach young girls in the rural community on topics that the school feels need work on. Create Change’s new cohort attended the girls club for the first time and prepared a topic on personal hygiene to girls aged 12-16. Beth displayed the importance of dental hygiene by even brushing her teeth in front of the class! We hope to continue the community girls club throughout our time here in other rural communities.

Dance-off at the Culture Centre
After a long and busy week we decided to have our guided learning session outside the office and understand the day to day life of those who work in the Culture Centre. We visited Baba the local seamstress who trains girls who are living on the streets, Janiu an artist who told us his passion for art and how he was once an ICS volunteer and Tahma the drummers and dancers at the Culture Centre. It was an insightful day and the volunteers even had a dance –off with the Tahma dance group and let’s just say that the volunteers obviously won…

So as you can see it’s been an eventful and exciting week. Whilst we have learnt a lot on a practical level we also bonded as a team, despite the many medical obstacles we have faced (everyday gastro here in Ghana). We hope to continue the exciting work and continue making an impact here in Tamale.

Written by Farida Nurbhai
Photo Copyright: Jack Westcott

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  1. I love this post. You guys are doing great.
    I've wished to be a part of the wonderful family of ICS Create Charge ABC, but it doesn't work out anytime I apply.
    I've been ABC's fan in the background for two years now. I hope to get the chance someday so that I can inspire and change lives.

    My telephone numbers are: 0205247798/0543773151
    Calls are welcomed anytime on any issue of discussion.