Wednesday, 23 November 2016

17 Ghanaian Foods That Will Change Your Life

Your taste buds will thank you.

1) Yam and beans

Vikki’s speciality. Yams. Sometimes fried, sometimes boiled. Always delicious. Served with a plethora of sauces. Vikki’s favourite sauce– beans. 

Main Ingredients: Yam and beans.

2) Fufu

    A well-known dish that is thoroughly pounded. A mixture of Plantain and Cassava that makes you want more. Taken with hot and spicy soup. 
   Ingredients: Mainly made out of yam in Northern region but in the southern regions Cassava and Yam combined. 

   3) Paw paw

Also commonly known as papaya. This sweet, exotic fruit is popular throughout Ghana, especially with our paw paw princess Beth!  

4) Kenkey

   Not as kinky as you think. Eaten with Shito (a spicy fish sauce)–in fact it's not kinky at all. It is a-maize-balls. 

   Preferably eaten with hot pepper often shito and fried fish.
   Main ingredients: Maize

   5) Shito

   Ever felt your mouth burning? Shit-o-that’s hot.

   6) Fried yam

    Crunchy texture much like chips but harder and often eaten with crushed peanuts.
    Main Ingredients: Lots of yams!
   7) Touzaafi (TZ)

    A northern region speciality. An indulgent gooey delight that instantly melts in your mouth. With a touch of a taste bud you know you don’t have to chew. Tuozaafi is a main meal eaten with soupy accompaniments.
    Main ingredients: The dish consists primarily of cooked Maize dough plus a little dried cassava dough and water without salt.        

    8) Plantain and beans (Red red) 
    Dani’s speciality. Caramelised fresh fried plantain on a bed  of deep red sauce with spicy beans.
    Main Ingredients: Plantain, beans and lots of oil.

    9) Waakye 

   Meet me halfway right between the black eyed-peas and rice. Waakye is a delicious rice dish eaten with a tomato sauce.
   Main Ingredients: Rice and Black Eyed Peas

   10) Bofrot
    An African snack similar to Doughnut made of fried dough. I  donut know about you but we think Ghanaian doughnuts  are the best.
    Main Ingredients: Yeast, maize and oil

    11)  Kose

    I got a feeling that black-eyed peas are here again. A breakfast dish made with fried black eyed peas often taken with Millet porridge. It tastes similar to onion bhajis/French toast. 

    Main ingredients: Black-eyed peas and oil

   12Rice balls and groundnut soup

    Local dish known as Omu Tuo a regular dish in Samuel’s household. The rice is usually cooked with more water than usual to make it softer. It is then beaten a little to make it   smooth and shaped into sizable balls. The Groundnut soup is made of groundnut butter smeared all over.
    Main ingredients: Rice and groundnuts

    13) Tea and bread

    In the morning you’ll hardly see a British person without a cup of tea in hand and Ghana isn’t much different... However the milk is condensed or powdered but this is mainly due to lack of fridges and regular power cuts. Always taken with bread.
    Main ingredients: Tea and bread

   14) Jollof rice

    Jollof rice the Ghanaian way. A popular West Africa dish.  The dish consists of rice, tomatoes and tomato  paste,  onions, salt and spices (optional ingredients can be  added  such as vegetables, meats, or fish). Due to the tomato  paste and palm oil, the dish is always red in colour. 
    Main Ingredients: Rice and tomato
    15) Okro

    Also known as lady fingers back in the UK. Dip your fingers in a gooey slippery sauce with  the Okra vegetables. Often eaten with TZ and banku. 
    Main ingredients: Lady fingers

16) Peteh Peteh

     Mouth-watering Boiled and mashed yams in a tomato sauce. It’s not your regular yam, it’s Peteh Peteh yam. 

     Main ingredients: Yam and tomato
     17Fan Yogo 

    Save the best ‘til last. Fan Yogo is a favourite. The whole of  the Create Change team can vouch for it. 

    It’s not just any ice cream, it’s not just ice cream, its fan    milk, and it’s the best milk ice  cream you will ever try. It’s  the sugar that gives you that buzz, the coldness that gives  you that relief in this heat and most importantly… it’s a
    great Halloween outfit.

Written by Danielle Simkins and Farida Nurbhai 


  1. I love this post. You guys are doing great.
    I've wished to be a part of the wonderful family of ICS Create Charge ABC, but it doesn't work out anytime I apply.
    I've been ABC's fan in the background for two years now. I hope to get the chance someday so that I can inspire and change lives.

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