Friday, 9 December 2016


A journey as we all know is an act of traveling from one place to another. The International Citizen Service (ICS) placement is a real journey with all these encounter on the road: speed ramps, overtaking, crashes, car horns, turns and road signs. Let me elaborate on these...

SPEED RAMPS- Patience, they say, is a virtue. In the course of your journey, there will come a time you would have to slow down else you crush or hit someone on the road (be it your team members, team leaders, partner organization etc). 

OVERTAKING- On this journey you are all alone on the road personally but there is still a competition within. You really got to overtake and overcome your shyness, poor presentation, communication and organization skills, low self confidence and esteem. I can’t even imagine a car overtaking itself on the road. But on the ICS journey, personal/professional development is so much stressed on as it is one of the major aims of the scheme. At the end of placement, there should either be a newly acquired skill as I am blogging now, or an improvement in a particular skill.

CRASHES- Challenges to overcome from host homes, office and personal issues. It hurts to sometimes find yourself in challenging situations but with perseverance you can overcome as I did. How? Ask me later...

CAR HORNS- I remember when I first got to drive; I was hitting the horn almost every time to announce my presence. I was happy about the driving and wanted everyone to see I could drive. On the ICS journey, to broadcast your joy in challenging yourself to change the world, you post pictures, videos, blogs, tweets and posts about your activities and wonderful experiences. Let everyone get to know you are happy on the journey and let that passion drive you.

TURNS- When you tend to be over speeding and enjoying your ICS journey, there will come a time you have to really adjust with the different temperaments at the workplace as a result of the multicultural teamwork. This is when your corporation and teamwork skills will be needed.

ROAD SIGNS- The International Service has the interests and safety of its volunteers at heart and this key ethos underlies all of the organization’s rules and policies. The road signs give you signal or prior knowledge when you are approaching hazards. The laid down rules will surely keep you safe and when accurately followed will prevent you from being kicked-off from the program.

To sum up, the '4PsLT' simply refers to the Passion, Perseverance, Patience, Personal development (4Ps), Teamwork and Law-abiding (TL). Get yourself prepared for the journey. Still want explanation to these six qualities? Then you have missed. Go back and read through the journey process once more. I am Samuel Boateng Osei, an In-Country Volunteer (ICV) from Accra, Ghana and this is my personal observation after being on the ICS journey for 11 weeks. I am a proud volunteer! I love ICS!!!

Written by Samuel Boateng Osei

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