Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Ready, Set, Go!

Things have begun to heat up in the ABC office this week. With risk assessments written and approved, budgets planned and a lovely new calendar of our events up on the wall, we're all set to get to work. As the days are getting hotter, we've been working harder to organise ourselves, our community visits, girls clubs across Tamale and intern training days so that we can really make the most of our time here and make as an effective an impact as possible.

We kicked the week off with an exploration of our team mate, Rachelle's, culture. It made us very aware of just how often we drink in the UK! Not to mention the true extraordinary concept of the London underground which the UKV's had never thought much of until witnessing the ICV's disbelief. David and Gemma also presented the concept of Peace and Conflict to the group for their guided learning session through videos, discussions, a really cute peace poster for the wall and a cross-the-water team adventure! Well, not so much water as concrete in the yard outside. Either way, we had fun and really understood the metaphor for conflict resolution.

Rachelle telling us more about her UK and Jamaican culture.

Cross-the-water team adventure during peace and conflict guided learning session.

Suddenly, mid-week, the team had a brilliant light bulb moment involving some Jackson 5 inspiration to create a Create Change jingle and pro-mo video. We had a lovely time filming each other around the office, describing the work we’re doing here and who Create Change are, experimenting with cheesy music video tactics, BBC documentary methods, montage mash ups and more! Coming soon to our You Tube channel near you.

 When Friday came around, a few of us represented the team at Ridge FM radio station with Latif and Hassan, the previous cohort’s team leader and Volunteer, to secure a slot for our radio sensitisations. However, after speaking to the guys there, we found out we’ve not just given one a week but two 1.5 hour sessions a week! Of course, we were very grateful and have excitedly gotten to planning our slot themes right away. So far, our ideas include: sexual education; parental involvement in girl-child education; self-empowerment and the financial benefits of further education.

Confirming our radio slot at Ridge radio station.

However, for the first time since our arrival, it’s been brought to the team’s attention that we must start to think of how we can effectively pass-on to the next cohort so we have an effective means of hand over to hand when the time comes. Our initial feelings of our three months working here being practically a long-term deal are quickly becoming feelings of: “there’s no time at all!” as we begin to approach our fourth week already. 

So much experience has happened already that, although we’re sad at the distant thought of leaving, we can’t wait to see what the next two months will bring.

Bring in on Tamale, we’re ready to get involved!

Gemma Jones!

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