Monday, 13 February 2017


Last week was pretty exciting when the team prepared for their long week’s community entry with Create Change interns.  David, Jack and Yussif went out to buy bags of water which is interesting having some of the drinking water packaged in plastics in Ghana. This was for us not to get dehydrated during our journey to the communities! Ooops!

The team was divided in two. Half of the team visited Ticheli, where they will be working with the Community Girls Club to meet the girls and find out their experience so far with the previous cohorts and Create Change Interns. So the journey began as we all got jumpy about how long the journey to Ticheli community will be as we were told by “word of mouth” that it was going to take a while before we arrive in the community which turned out to be a little true……

Upon arrival, children in the community really kept to themselves compared to children in the Tamale City because there were no shouts around like ”SILIMINGA’S” which mostly got all the Ghanaians teams laughing. We guess it was because the team were new to them compared to the interns. We later met with few members of the community especially most the women because the men of the community were out on a workshop. Unfortunately, the Chief of Ticheli community was dead so we met with the Queen also known as Magajia and some other elders of the community to tell them about how we are going to support Create Change to support the girls in the community by having educative sessions with them. The Queen and the elders supported our purpose and prayed for us afterwards since they are religious people.
Ticheli Team with the Queen mother(Third from the left) and other members of the community.
Afterwards we went to the school with the interns to witness their session with the girls club and it was really productive with the children reminding themselves about what they were taught the previous week. Even though most students were not in the right uniforms for school and others came bare footed due to lack of finance but they were keen to study and that was great!
Salma in a session with the girls in Ticheli.

The next day came with everyone prepared for three community entries in Dungu,Wayamba and Damankuyili. These communities seem really rural compared to other communities in Tamale with mud houses everywhere. One exciting thing about these mud houses is that when it’s hot outside then it's cold inside but if it’s cold outside then the mud house is hot inside!  Most of these communities had more men than women. We witnessed one of the communities giving a young lady out in marriage because of the fear that the lady might get pregnant with different boys in the village which can bring shame to the family. We also observed the inauguration of a new chief in another community which was nice. When meeting the chiefs and the elders, we had to remove our shoes and sandals since it was their tradition to enter the room barefoot. The chiefs of these communities gave us loads of colanuts which showed that we are ready to work with them.
Team ABC with the chief of Dungu Community.
The team with the Chief and some Elders in Wayamba Community.
The Yapala team also had a great day meeting the PTA chairman with two elders in the community and afterwards they joined in the community girls’ club session for some amazing introduction to the girls!
Yapala Team with Girls from the community girls' club.

Also, Salma and Jack went to Kalpohine Senior High School for a teaching session on Career Planning which turned out to be fun with all the girls engaging themselves in all the activities.  These girls had a lot to say about what they wanted to do when they grow up at an early stage and they said a lot about their courses offered in their school too.
Students of Kalpohine Senior High in a Career planning session.


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